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Solar Rebates

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Columbia Water & Light provides rebates based on the overall capacity of a solar system (kW) as well as its energy production (kWh) during “peak” times. 

Rebates based on overall capacity of solar system

Columbia Water & Light provides rebates for PV systems. Note that rebate tiers are additive. Therefore, your total rebate is calculated by adding all rebate tiers together. 

Rebate tiers include:

  • – 10 kW: $375 – $625 per kW
  • 10 – 50 kW: $300 – $500 per kW; and
  • 50 – 100 kW: $150 – $250 per kW.
  • More than 100 kW: No additional rebate offered.

Additionally, until 2022, the Federal government provides a tax credit for 26% of your costs associated with PV. This rate is subject to change. Therefore, verify the tax credit rate with your installation contractor.

Columbia Water & Light also provides PV system loans up to $15,000 for residential customers and $30,000 for commercial customers.

Rebates based on peak times

Peak times are periods of high system demand, when electricity is most expensive for Columbia Water & Light to provide to its customers. Peak times normally occur on hot summer afternoons and evenings. The utility provides a premium rebate for solar systems designed to perform best during peak periods. Premium rebates are calculated factoring in azimuth, tilt and shading. Consult with an approved Columbia Water & Light installation contractor for cost and rebate estimates.


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