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Go Solar and Save

Go Solar and Save

Columbia Water & Light offers rebates and loans for solar systems and solar water heaters. Learn how you can go solar and reduce your electric bill.

Learn How to Go Solar and Save

Getting Started with Solar – Read these frequently asked questions to learn whether solar may work for your home or business. 

Solar Rebates – Learn how to receive a solar rebate and estimate your rebate amount. Rebates are based on the overall capacity of a solar system as well as its energy production during “peak” times. Download opens in a new windowrebate applicationopens PDF file now.

Solar Loans – Columbia Water & Light offers electric customers low-interest loans for photovoltaic systems and solar water heaters. Download opens in a new windowresidential loan applicationopens PDF file or opens in a new windowcommercial loan applicationopens PDF file now.

Net Metering – A net meter can measure electricity flowing to the utility from a customer’s renewable energy system on sunny days when a customer is producing more energy than they are using. It can also reverse its direction to measure the amount of electricity used by the customer that is supplied by the utility. At the end of the month, the customer is billed for the difference or the “net” amount of electricity used during a month.

Solar Water Heaters – Learn how you can begin cutting your water heating costs (up to 50 to 80 percent) by  installing a solar water heater.

Solar Water Heater Rebates – Apply for solar water heater rebates from $400 to $800. Download opens in a new windowrebate applicationopens PDF file now.

Community Solar – Stay tuned as Columbia Water and Light rolls out the next phase of solar programming for customers in late 2020.

Approved Solar Contractors – Choose from Columbia Water & Light’s list of approved solar  contractors and begin installing your own solar system.

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