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Home Performance Rebates and Loans

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Residential electric customers who participate in the Home Performance with Energy Star program can finance the suggested energy efficiency improvements through our rebates and loans.


Customers participating in the Home Performance program can receive rebates up to $1,200 for energy efficiency upgrades. Electric customers installing a high-efficiency air conditioner or air-source heat pump are also eligible for a rebate up to $1,600Any work performed prior to the initial energy efficiency assessment is not eligible for a rebate. Rebates and loans are subject to funding availability and are offered on a first come, first served basis, as funding allows.

Items eligible for a rebate:

  • Efficient air conditioner and heat pump: Up to $1,600 plus $200 rebate for a qualified heat pump 
  • Replacing windows and doors: Up to $500 in rebates
  • Reducing air leakage: Up to $420 in rebates
  • Reducing ductwork leakage: Up to $300 in rebates
  • Adding insulation: Up to $500 in rebates

Home performance rebate amounts

Home Performance rebate chart

Requirements for incentives

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A building assessment must be completed by one of our certified Home Performance contractors (certified as ASHRAE Level II). Due to the time and equipment needed for the assessment, it can cost $200 to $400. If you qualify for the loan program, you may finance the cost of the assessment with the loan.

To maximize the efficiency of your energy improvements, Home Performance rebates and loans require insulation levels in key areas:

  • Attic insulation: R-50 required;
  • Floor insulation over unconditioned space: R-19 required;
  • Crawlspace walls OR floors above crawlspace: R-10 required with vapor barrier covering the ground;
  • Duct insulation: R-13 required in unheated areas; and
  • Rim-joist insulation: R-13 required.

During the blower door test, the contractor will identify air leaks to seal along the building envelope to achieve the lowest ACH (air changes per hour) possible. Envelope air sealing must achieve 0.5 ACH to receive prorated incentive. 

Duct sealing requires an additional duct blaster test before and after the sealing is completed to quantify the reductions in leakage rate. Duct sealing must achieve a 50 CFM (cu ft/min) reduction to receive a prorated incentive. 

If new windows and doors are installed, they must be rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) with a minimum U-value of 0.30 and low E for windows to be eligible for a loan. Documentation from the manufacturer or the efficiency sticker is required for verification.

All financed heat pumps must have minimum efficiency ratings of 15 SEER. Customers installing a high-efficiency heat pump can sign up for a reduced electric rate October through May. Must have final mechanical inspection to qualify.


Participants in the Home Performance program are eligible for a loan for most of the energy efficiency improvements suggested in the assessment. The maximum loan amount for a single family home is $15,000 and up to $30,000 for a multi-family building that meets the program’s requirementsopens PDF file

Loans are low-interest. You can select your terms and interest rate by determining the length of your loan: 1% (up to 3 years), 3% (4-5 years), 5% (6-10 years). Any work performed prior to the initial energy efficiency assessment is not eligible for a loan. Loans are only available for existing structures. Rebates and loans are subject to funding availability and are offered on a first come, first served basis, as funding allows.

Items eligible for a loan:

  • Energy efficiency assessment by a certified contractor
  • Air conditioner
  • Heat pump/heat pump water heater
  • Insulation (attic, walls, floor joists, ductwork)
  • Sealing air leaks
  • Windows and doors
  • Natural gas furnace (with air conditioner or heat pump)
  • Upgrade electric wiring to install insulation

Apply for a loan

If you want to apply for a loan, complete and submit the opens in a new windowloan applicationopens PDF file to Columbia Water & Light. Wait for approval before starting your upgrades. The loan qualification period takes six months.

As soon as your financing is secure, you can instruct the contractors working on your home to begin.


Our loans DO NOT subordinate to other loans you have on your property. If you refinance your current home loan or sell your house, you will be required to pay off the Home Performance Loan. 

However, you may request subordination of your Home Performance Loan, if you are refinancing your mortgage for a lower interest rate or shorter loan term (e.g., in order to maintain ownership of the home or borrow more money for a home improvement project). The loan committee will review your request to determine if your loan is eligible for subordination. Please contact us to request further information about loan subordination.

Home Performance with Energy Star program

Read more about recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of your home and how to participate in the Home Performance program.  


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