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Custom Rebate Program

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Columbia Water & Light’s custom incentive program looks at the overall load reduction of a total project and requires a minimum of 30 percent increase in total energy efficiency. The amount of the rebate is $300 per kW reduced, up to 50 percent of the project cost. Projects must have a minimum reduction of 1 kW, and rebates will be offered up to a maximum of 75 kW of load reduction for a maximum rebate of $22,500. The custom-based incentive allows for the engineering team or design and contractor team to bring their best approaches forward for superior building or equipment performance.

To participate, projects should be:

  • Commercial, industrial or multifamily buildings;
  • A major renovation or replacement of equipment; and
  • In the project pre-planning phase.
  • Manufacturing company expansion accompanied by retrofits of existing equipment are also eligible.

Columbia Water & Light staff will serve as the resource to provide technical assistance to establish project parameters and evaluate team submittals. Projects must be completed within a 12-month period. Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is subject to change at any time due to budget allocations.

Click here to download our  opens in a new windowcustom rebate applicationopens PDF file .

  • This rebate program is available to Columbia Water & Light commercial and industrial customers.
  • All customer projects will be submitted by a  opens in a new windowcustom rebate applicationopens PDF file  to Columbia Water & Light’s Utility Services.
  • Provide a complete description of the project and its scope, including the proposed equipment and its operation. Include the quote/proposal from the vendor showing: project details, manufacturer specifications, project costs, annual savings (kWh) and demand savings (kW). All assumptions and calculations must be shown.
  • Attach supplemental documentation that should include: 12 months of electric bills (a monthly summary is acceptable), a detailed scope of work, and itemized costs for the proposed scope of work, savings calculations, facility description and run hours, and specify all assumptions.
  • Projects require a pre-inspection and pre-approval by Columbia Water & Light.
  • Equipment may not be purchased or installed prior to a customer signing and returning the incentive application for pre-approval.
  • The equipment or process for which you are applying for a rebate must operate at least four consecutive hours daily between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. weekdays, June 1 through September 30. This requirement does not apply to schools.
  • Projects eligible for rebate under Columbia Water & Light’s prescriptive programs are not eligible for the custom rebate.
  • Equipment, such as electric space heating or equipment that does not have a useful life expectancy (for example, PC power strips and strip curtains), will not be considered.
  • The new equipment must perform the same amount of work and production as the old equipment.
  • Equipment being replaced must be removed from the premises before rebate is awarded.
  • Savings cannot result from a set point adjustment, such as air pressure or temperature changes. These changes must be factored out of the rebate.
  • Installed equipment must be new and have at least a one-year warranty.
  • The efficiency improvements must be kept in place for at least five years.
  • Rebates cannot exceed 50 percent of the total project costs, including materials and labor (but not internal labor).
  • Columbia Water & Light will create a baseline using data collected from initial inspection. Equipment that has failed or exceeded 50 percent of its life expectancy cannot be used to establish a baseline.
  • Backup or redundant systems are not eligible for rebates.
  • The customer agrees, as a condition of participation in the program, to remove and dispose of the equipment being replaced. The customer agrees not to reinstall any of this equipment in this location or others within Columbia Water & Light service territory.

Post installation, Columbia Water & Light must verify:

  • The equipment/materials/systems have been installed and the equipment is operable.
  • The original equipment has been removed and properly disposed.
  • The project is operating in accordance with the approved quote/proposal.
  • The equipment/materials/systems have changed from what was approved for the initial incentive offer, the substituted equipment/materials/systems specifications must be submitted and reviewed by the utility to verify compliance with technical requirements and approved before an incentive is considered.
  • The invoice or proof of payment has been submitted and matches the total project cost.
  • Customer will provide copies of the project’s invoices and a copy of the company’s W-9.

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