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Solar Energy System Rebates


Columbia Water & Light provides rebates based on the overall capacity of a PV system (kW) as well as its energy production (kWh) during “peak” times. Peak times are periods of high system demand when electricity is most expensive for Water & Light to provide to its customers and normally occur on hot summer afternoons and evenings. The utility provides a premium rebate for PV systems designed to perform best during peak periods using azimuth, tilt and shading as determining factors. Net Metering Agreements and Rebate applications must be submitted by a Water & Light approved PV Installation Contractor.


Chart # 1- PV Project Baseline Rebate based on rated kW of the systemPV project baseline rebate tiers

Chart # 2- Unshaded production at Peak

For an estimate of unshaded production at Peak, choose the row/column corresponding to the tilt/azimuth of the array.

The color of the icon represents the Peak Factor found in Table #1. Orientations indicated with “X” receive no rebate.

NREL rebate map
This table is provided as a planning tool only. Site specific conditions such as shading of the PV array may greatly reduce its production. Final rebate amount will be determined using modeled output of the PV system using NREL’s SAM ( and/or SolarPathFinder.


PV Rebate guidelines

Interconnection and Net Metering Application

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