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Thinking of installing a solar or photovoltaic (PV) system to generate electricity?

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Efficiency First!

When you work on energy efficiency first, you will spend less on PV and offset more of your electrical usage. Also, to take advantage of our PV loan program, the home must meet minimum insulation requirements. Learn more about our programs that will help you get your home solar-ready.CW&L Efficiency Score

Will solar work for me?

Not all roofs are optimal for installing solar. To figure out whether or not solar will work for you, consider the direction and shading of your roof.

How much will it cost?

Columbia Water & Light provides rebates based on the overall capacity of a PV system (kW) as well as its energy production (kWh) during “peak” times. We also offer solar loans to help get you started! Your energy use will help you determine how big a system your home needs.

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