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Enhanced Home Performance with Energy Star

Low Income Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Columbia Water & Light electric customers can make their homes more energy efficient through the Enhanced Home Performance with Energy Star program. This program helps families in our community save money on their energy bills so it can be used for other pressing family needs. This program is administered by the City of Columbia Community Development Department. For assistance with your utility bills please review our C.A.S.H. and H.E.L.P. utility assistance programs.

Do you qualify?

  1. Your income has to be lower than the amounts listed on the table below.
  2. Be a Columbia Water & Light electric customer.
  3. Own your home.
 1 $42,800
 2 $48,900
 3 $55,000
 4 $61,100
 5 $66,000
 6 $70,900
 7 $75,800
 8 $80,700

*Income based on June 1, 2018 requirements.


 What is covered?

As funding allows, you might qualify for these FREE upgrades:*

  • Energy efficiency assessment (determines which upgrades are needed)
  • Insulation (attic, wall, rim joist, ductwork and either crawlspace or floor over unconditioned spaces). If you think you need more attic insulation, opens in a new windowcheck our charts and use our attic insulation calculator to determine savings, cost, payoff and rebate amounts.
  • Air & ductwork sealing
  • Replacement of qualified refrigerators

*There is a cap of $2,400 on the free energy efficiency improvements. Additional funding from other resources might be available for some home improvements.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out the City of Columbia Community Development opens in a new windowHousing Programs application
  2. You will need proof of ALL household income


Contact City of Columbia Community Development Department: 573-874-7244 or

Contact Utility Services


701 E Broadway, Columbia, MO 65205


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