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Special Heat Pump Rate

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a single appliance that can provide both your heating and cooling. During the summer, the heat pump works like a conventional air conditioner, cooling the home. In winter, the heat pump reverses its flow and heats your home by extracting heat from the outside air and pumping it to your house. Usually a heat pump is an add-on system that improves the efficiency of your conventional gas or electric furnace. When the weather is very cold, the heat pump shuts off and your furnace takes over.

One feature in many models is a variable speed compressor that alters its power usage based on the need for heating or cooling. When needs are minimal, the compressor runs at slower speeds. Variable speed units provide better humidity control during the cooling season and are much quieter for year-round operation.

Special Heat Pump Rate

Electric customers with heat pumps are eligible for a reduced electric rate. Please call 573-874-7325 to see if you are eligible.

Why is there a special heat pump rate?

Electric customers with heat pumps help Columbia Water and Light reduce summer peak demand which saves the utility money. This savings is passed on to our customers.

What is the heat pump rate?

Customer Charge: $15.91 per month (non-standard meter charge is $21.01)

First 300 kWh: 7.67 cents per kWh

Next 450 kWh: 10 cents

All Remaining kWh: 9.11 cents per kWh

Does the special rate apply all year long?

No. The heat pump rate is applied only during winter months, October through May

Are there any special eligibility requirements?

  • You must be a Columbia Water and Light electric customer
  • You must have a working heat pump (rated SEER 15) installed
  • Your building must have a minimum of R-50 insulation in the ceiling and at least R-19 insulation in floors next to unheated areas like crawl spaces. Duct work in unheated areas must also be insulated. If you think you need more attic insulation, opens in a new windowcheck our charts for savings, cost, payoff and rebate amounts.
  • Heat pumps must heat at least 50% of conditioned air space.

Need help financing a new heat pump?

Columbia Water and Light offers low-interest Home Performance Loan to help our customers fund this type of energy improvement.

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