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Home Performance Rebates

Qualified Columbia Water & Light residential customers participating in the Home Performance with Energy Star program can be eligible for the following rebates:

Learn more details about the Home Performance with Energy Star program. If you think you need more attic insulation, check our charts for savings, cost, payoff and rebate amounts, found on the Rule Your Attic Tool page.

You will receive a FREE energy efficiency score certificate for participating in the program!


  • Home Performance rebates and loans are only available for qualified Columbia Water & Light residential electric customers and are not available for newly constructed homes.
  • A duplex or a condominium could be eligible if it has three major walls exposed to outside conditions and more than 900 square feet of attic space. If the unit’s size ranges from 700 to 899 square feet, the customer is eligible for all the Home Performance rebates if an efficient air conditioner or heat pump is installed.
  • Customers must have an initial and a post assessment by a certified contractor. Utility usage data must be supplied by the customer.
  • Rebate qualifying improvements must be listed on the certified contractor’s summary report. Improvements completed before the initial assessment are not eligible for a rebate.
  • Home Performance program parameters must be followed to qualify for rebates and a loan. Rebates and loans are subject to funding availability.
  • Follow the steps outlined in Columbia Water & Light’s Home Performance with Energy Star program’s participation steps.
  • Invoices must be provided for each improvement at the post assessment.
  • Window receipts must be accompanied by National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) stickers for each window. Rebates are only allowed for qualifying primary doors.
  • The total Home Performance rebate amount to one customer can not exceed $1,200.
  • Download the Home Performance with Energy Star policies for more information.


*A household is only eligible forone of these rebates. **Heat pumps must heat at least 50% of conditioned air space. In addition to the Home Performance $200 rebate for a heat pump, you can also receive a rebate for an efficient air source heat pump/air conditioner.

Option 1: Attic Insulation, currently have less than R-27InsulationR-501 cent/R-value per sq ft$500
Option 2: Attic Insulation, currently have more than R-27InsulationR-501/2 cent/R-value sq ft$500
Option 3: Encapsulated attic slopeInsulationR-10 (R-19 max)3 cent/R-value per sq ft$500
Wall InsulationInsulationR-13 (R-19 max)3 cents/R-value per sq ft$500
Wall of Crawl Space*InsulationAdd R-10 with vapor barrier over ground5 cents/R-value per sq. ft$500*
Floor Insulation over unconditioned space*InsulationR-19 min & max1.5 cents/R-value per sq ft$500*
Rim Joist InsulationInsulationR-13 min$20$20
Duct Insulation in unconditioned spaceInsulationR-13 minProrated by % of outside envelope$300
Building EnvelopeAir SealingMinimum 0.5 ACH reductionProrated $84 per ACH reduction$420
Duct SealingAir SealingDuct blaster test with min 50cfm reductionProrated $50 per 100 cfm reduction$300
Qualifying primary doors/WindowsWindows & DoorsLow E & 0.30 U-Value$100/Window or door$500
Air Source Heat Pump**HVACHome Performance & min SEER 15$200 (plus regular efficiency rebate**)$200

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