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Home Performance with Energy Star Programs

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How do I know if I would benefit from this program?

To see if this program could help you, complete the Home Energy Yardstick assessment found at opens in a new If you have a score of 5 or less, your home could benefit from the Home Performance program.



Click here to learn more about Home Performance Loans. You can get a low-interest loan for most of the energy efficiency improvements suggested in the assessment.

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Participation Steps

Click here to learn more about Home Performance Participation Steps. Hire one of our opens in a new windowcertified contractors and they will walk you through the steps for participation.


  • Home Performance rebates and loans are only available for qualified Columbia Water & Light residential electric customers and are not available for newly constructed homes.
  • A duplex or a condominium could be eligible if it has three major walls exposed to outside conditions and more than 900 square feet of attic space. If the unit’s size ranges from 700 to 899 square feet, the customer is eligible for all the Home Performance rebates if an efficient air conditioner or heat pump is installed.
  • Customers must have an initial and a post assessment by a certified contractor. Utility usage data must be supplied by the customer.
  • Rebate qualifying improvements must be listed on the certified contractor’s summary report. Improvements completed before the initial assessment are not eligible for a rebate.
  • Home Performance program parameters must be followed to qualify for rebates and a loan. Rebates and loans are subject to funding availability.

Energy Assessment Requirement

Participating local contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. Their “whole-house” approach uses recognized building science concepts of inspecting and testing to identify and evaluate energy-efficient improvements. The cost of the assessment can range from $200 to $400 so it is important to get estimates before deciding which contractor to use. The cost of the assessment can be financed with our low-interest loan program. Consult the list of Certified Home Performance Contractors in our area.

Common Recommendations

Sealing Air Leaks

Many air leaks in homes are fairly obvious, such as around windows, doors, and electrical outlets. But others, like those in attics, around chimneys, and through recessed lighting fixtures, are often the more significant sources of energy loss in a home.

Adding Insulation

Many homes built before 1985 are not well-insulated. If you think you need more attic insulation, check our charts for savings, cost, payoff and rebate amounts. Your Certified Home Performance Contractor will check the levels in your walls, floors, attic and rim joists.

Sealing Duct Work

Many homes have leaky duct work and poor air flow, resulting in stuffy and uncomfortable rooms. Your Certified Home Performance Contractor may recommend sealing and/or insulating your home’s duct work along with balancing the duct system to optimize air flow.

Improving Heating and Cooling Systems 

If your furnace or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it’s probably time to replace it with a more efficient unit that is properly sized for your home.


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