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Rule Your Attic Tool

Does your attic insulation measure up?

Rule your Attic for comfort and savings, energy star, learn more at energy (logo)Investments in attic insulation will save you money on heating and cooling plus keep you comfortable.  Measure up!

Use this calculator to see how much insulation you may need, rebate amounts and payback period.


Columbia Water & Light recommends having 18 inches of attic insulation (R-50). We will help finance your project with rebates and loans through our Home Performance with Energy Star program opens in a new window.

attic insulation cost 1,100 square feet (PDF)

attic insulation cost 1,650 square feet house (PDF)

attic insulation cost 2,500 square foot house opens in a new window (PDF)

visual demonstration of proper amount of insulation for attic space. 4 to 9 inches of standard filling is inefficient compared to 10 to 17 inches of filling, which is recommended.

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