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Tree Power Varieties: Residential

Choose from one of the four varieties shown below

Red Maple

A colorful tree that starts the spring with red flowers, stems and hints of red in the leaves that eventually turn green. In the fall the leaf color is deep red or yellow. The Red Maple is fast growing and tolerant of many soils. It matures to 40 to 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

red maple tree detail of red maple leaves

River Birch

The cinnamon-colored exfoliating bark of the River Birch is spectacular in winter. Lustrous, medium-green leaves. The most borer-resistant birch. Tolerant of both wet soil and dry summer. Grows to between 40 and 70 feet tall with 50-foot spread.

full river birch tree detail of a river birch tree's bark


Crabapple trees are considered ornamental due to their smaller size and beautiful flowers in the spring. Red, pink or white flowers blossom in the spring followed by green foliage. The variety of Crabapple trees available depends on their supply each year. Most of these trees grow between 15 to 25 feet tall and produce fruit.

full crab apple tree in bloom detail of crab apple flowers

Pin Oak or Red Oak

A Pin Oak is a fast growing tree that can grow as tall as 60 to 70 feet and be 25 to 45 feet wide. The tree will start out as a pyramid shape and then turn more oval as it ages. The Pin Oak produces acorns and has green glossy leaves turn bronze or red in the fall. A Red Oak might be substituted by the tree vendor if the Pin Oak is not available.

full red oak tree detail of a red oak tree's leaves

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