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Participation Steps: Home Performance with Energy Star

The program is available to qualified Columbia Water & Light residential electric customers who are remodeling their homes to be more energy efficient. Home Performance program parameters must be followed to qualify for rebates and a loan. Any work performed before the initial energy assessment is not eligible for a rebate or loan. A qualifying air conditioner/heat pump might still be eligible for a rebate after it is installed.

Step 1: Home Performance Assessment

In order to learn about your home and what needs to be done to improve its efficiency, a series of inspections and diagnostic tests, known as a Home Performance assessment, need to be conducted by one of our certified contractors.

  • Make an appointment for the Home Performance assessment after the fee has been agreed on. The assessment can cost from $200 to $400. Consult the list of our Certified Home Performance Contractors and make an appointment.
  • The assessment usually takes about four hours. Afterwards, you will be provided with the recommended energy efficiency improvements, the expected energy savings plus a cost and rebate estimate.

Step 2: Financing the improvements

  • Applying for a loan: Submit the loan application and wait for approval before starting the efficiency upgrades.
  • Columbia Water & Light suggests that you use one of our certified contractors for your Home Performance projects so the work is completed within the parameters of the program. When gathering bids, make sure each bid is in writing and explains what will be completed and how long the project will take. Remember, the lowest bid may not provide the best product or service.
  • If you are completing the energy efficiency upgrades yourself, please save the receipts for all the materials. Columbia Water & Light will need copies of them to process your rebate.

Step 3: Completing the projects

  • As soon as your financing is secure, you can instruct the contractors working on your home to begin.
  • Make copies of all the invoices for your efficiency upgrades. Set up an appointment with the Home Performance contractor for a post-inspection. At this appointment, a Columbia Water & Light staff member will collect all the copies of the invoices. Your rebate application will be completed at this meeting and turned in for processing.
  • If you are approved for a loan, you will be contacted two weeks after the final inspection to arrange an appointment for the loan signing paperwork. Rebate checks will either be mailed or given to you at your loan appointment.

You will receive a FREE energy efficiency score certificate for participating in the program!

Columbia Water & Light’s Home Performance with Energy Star policies

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