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Net Metering

The value of the excess electricity generated by the solar energy system and delivered to Columbia Water & Light, will be credited to the customer’s account at their current applicable electric rate. This arrangement offers the customer more than what the Missouri Statutes for net metering require. An Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement must be approved by the utility for the customer to receive a credit for the excess energy they generate. The utility retains the renewable energy credits (RECs) for the project. Customers choosing to retain the RECs for their solar energy system will receive credit for the excess energy based on the avoided average energy market price at the Columbia pricing node.

Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to reject interconnection of PV systems not meeting the net metering or rebate program parameters.

 Interconnect & net meter process


Watch our video for an overview of how a photo-voltaic system installed in Columbia and how it is set up for net metering.

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