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Rebate and Loan Steps

See which of our programs can help you meet your energy efficiency and renewable goals!

Keep in mind: Efficiency First!

At the end of the day, all residential users have one thing in common: They need a reliable energy partner who will work with them to keep electric rates affordable. Columbia Water & Light provides incentives for you to be energy efficient because it is good for our community.  You can reduce your utility bills and help the environment.  For the utility, lowering your demand means we purchase less wholesale energy power costs which helps your electric rates stay low.

Columbia Water & Light offers a variety of programs and incentives to help save money and energy. Click below for more information about each of our residential energy efficiency programs. When you work on energy efficiency first, you will spend less on PV and offset more of your electrical usage. Also, to take advantage of our PV loan program! If you have questions about the efficiency of your home, we offer Free Energy Audits to all of our electric customers.


Home Performance with Energy Star ProgramHome Performance with Energy Star Rebates and low-interest loans for home energy efficiency upgrades including: sealing air leaks, adding insulation, sealing duct work and improving heating and cooling systems
Enhanced Home Performance with Energy Star Program Free energy efficiency upgrades for low-income qualifying participants
Attic Plus Program Rebates for attic insulation and duct insulation for attics 900 sq feet or less
Air Conditioner/ Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Rebates for new HVAC units
Ground Source Heat Pump rebate Rebates for ground source retrofits and new construction
PV installationSun Icon Rebates and net metering net metering, tax credits, rebates and low interest loans for new PV installation
Solar water heaters rebates and low interest loans for new solar water heaters

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