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Will solar work for me?

Before you install a PV system, be aware that there are several obstacles that may lesson its effectiveness.


Which way your roof is facing will determine what part of the day your solar panels will be most exposed to the sun.

South facing PV systems are traditionally the most popular, because they have the highest potential to capture solar energy throughout the day.

However, south facing systems also produce the most energy at a time when demand is the lowest.

Columbia Water & Light offers premium rebates for west facing systems which produce the most during high-peak times.

Path of sun winter and summer


tree shading roof



Even though you can still get solar on cloudy days, prolonged shading will impede your solar production. If your panels are obstructed by trees, buildings or anything else, or may be obstructed within their 25 year life cycle, check first if you will be able to clear the path for your panels (for example, tree-trimming). If your PV will be shaded, installing your own units may not be the most effective option. There are other ways to use PV. Visit our community solar page for more information about our city-wide community solar program.


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