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Energy Conservation Videos

Let energy guru David Mars show you ways to save energy and water in short video segments on a number of topics. Many of his tips are easy, do-it-yourself projects that don’t cost a lot of money but keep your utility bills low.

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Windows and Doors

Adding Weather Stripping to a Door

Learn about the different products that are available to seal up air leaks around your doors and how to install them.

Window Glazing Tips

Energy guy Dave Mars demonstrates strategies for keeping your windows sealed to stop the summer heat from entering your home.

How to Install Window Weather Stripping

Windows let in a lot of light, saving money on your light bill. During the winter, they can also let in a lot of cold air, raising your utility bill. Learn how to seal air leaks around your windows.

How to Install Reflective Window Film

Discover an inexpensive way to keep the sun’s hot solar rays out of your home with the City of Columbia’s Water & Light energy swami, David Mars.

Storm Door Reflective Film Installation

Apply reflective film to the glass of a storm door to reduce heat buildup during the summer.


Clothes Dryer Energy Efficiency Tips

Keep your clothes dryer running efficiently with our handy tips. You will also reduce your risk of starting a fire.

Refrigerator Efficiency Tips

Dave Mars provides some energy saving tips on your refrigerator.

Preventing Phantom Power Loss

Household electronics can add to your utility costs even when they are not in use. Energy guy Dave Mars shows you how to protect your home from phantom power loss.

Heating and Cooling

Central Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips

Tips on how to keep your central air conditioner running efficiently

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Make sure your central air conditioner is ready for cooling season.

Balanced Air Flow TIps

In this episode, Dave describes the importance of balanced air flow in a heating and cooling system. Making sure your vents are working properly and preventing leaks in ducts will help save money and energy.

Heat Pump Operation

A heat pump is an excellent way to keep your home energy efficient. Dave Mars shows you how a heat pump can add warmth and savings to your energy bills.

Heating with Humidity

Make your home more efficient and more comfortable during the winter by using a humidifier.

How to Install a Window Air Conditioner

Once again, the City of Columbia’s own energy guru, David Mars is helping you save money. He walks you through installing a window air conditioner and securely insulating the unit.

Fireplace Insert for Energy Efficiency

An open chimney flue can lead to major heat loss in your home. Dave Mars explains how a fireplace insert can keep your fireplace energy efficient this winter.

Insulation/Reducing Air Infiltration

Sealing Air Leaks in your Home

Learn how to easily seal air leaks in your home to save energy and money.

Garage Door Weather Seal Tips

In this episode Dave Mars shows how to better insulate your garage door to help save energy and money.

Caulk Tips

Caulk is a great way to seal air leaks. Learn tips on the best ways to keep the caulking bead looking straight and clean.

How to Make a Sand Snake

Make a sand snake to insulate a door threshold.

Weather Seal Tips

Making a trip to the hardware store for weatherization materials? The energy guy reviews the products available and where they will come in handy.

Crawl Space Ventilation

Learn how to ventilate your crawl space to be more energy efficient.

Insulating Attic Pull-Down Stairs

Attic pull-down stairs can leak air which leads to higher energy bills. This video shows you how to easily construct an insulated cover.

How to Insulate Pipes

Dave Mars shows home owners how to properly insulate water pipes to prevent freezing in the winter months.

Garage Door Insulation Tips

Dave Mars shows how you can insulate the inside of your garage door to help save energy and money.

Exterior Wall Insulation Tips

Adequate insulation is an important part of an energy efficient home. Join the Energy Guy as he goes through the steps of having insulation blown into a Columbia home.

Water Heater Insulation Blanket

Dave Mars shows you how to insulate an electric or gas water heater to save energy and money.

Moisture Control

Managing Humidity

Using a humidifier, during the winter season, can make your home more efficient and comfortable. Dave Mars explains how humid air can help heat your home this winter.

Storm Water Drainage Tips

Dave Mars, King of Conservation Tips, illustrates how good home storm water drainage can not only prevent structural damage to your homes foundation, but can also save on your utility costs.

Saving Water

Saving Water in the Garden

Various ways to efficiently irrigate your garden.

Fix Your Leaky Toilet

Leaky toilet? Find out where problems most commonly occur and how to fix them before they end up costing you extra money on your utility bill.

Lawn Aeration Tips

Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in making your lawn healthy. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod into it or by “coring”, extracting a plug of soil.


Soffit Vent Installation for Attic Ventilation

We’ll show you how to install soffit vents which will save energy by making your attic “breathe” properly.

Water Heater Efficiency

This video provides a brief overview of water heaters and things to do to save money on your utility bills.

How to Measure How Much Electricity Holiday Lights Use

Learn how to save money this holiday season. Energy guy, Dave Mars, shows you how to calculate the cost of your holiday light display.

Office Energy Saving Tips

Learn easy ways to save electricity around the office.

Free Shade Trees for Tree power

Plant a shade tree as part of your energy conservation scheme. Through Tree Power, Columbia Water and Light offers free trees to its customers.

How to Plant a Shade Tree

In this video you will learn how to successfully plant your Tree Power free shade tree from Columbia Water & Light.

Tree Planting Tips

Plant a shade tree as part of your energy conservation scheme. Through Tree Power, Columbia Water and Light offers free trees to its customers.

Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Home Performance with Energy Star

Is your home energy efficient? Columbia Water and Light now offers the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Learn how you can get involved with this program to save money on your utility bills.

Columbia Water Light Efficiency Score

Electric customers participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program receive Efficiency Score certificates.

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