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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Thermography

example of Infrared Thermography imagingThe primary purpose for Columbia Water and Light’s Infrared Thermographic Inspection program is to reduce the number of costly, unscheduled shutdowns that could occur, and to prevent damage by detecting equipment failure in its early stages. However, infrared thermography can also enhance productivity and save money by locating areas of poor performance. Applications of infrared inspections are virtually limitless and include mechanical components, electrical cabinets, electrical distribution systems and building envelopes. Interested in having an infrared audit?

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The basis of infrared thermography is quite simple. All objects emit heat or infrared electromagnetic energy, but only a very small portion of this energy is visible to our eyes. In order to see the heat being emitted, an infrared camera must be used. The camera detects the invisible thermal energy and converts it to a visible image, which then allows the thermographer to interpret the image.

Benefits of having an inspection:

  • locates problems quickly without interrupting services or production
  • reduces costly, unscheduled interruptions due to power outages
  • aids maintenance staff
  • extends the life of equipment by locating problematic components prior to catastrophic failure
  • prevents insurance deductible payments
  • checks equipment for problems before the warranty has expired
  • confirms that appropriate repairs have been completed
  • necessary replacement parts for repairs can be ordered ahead of time, so interruptions are kept to a minimum

Services for industrial customers:

  • voltage regulation equipment
  • circuit breakers, relays and fuses
  • bus ducts and cabling
  • motor and generator windings
  • heating devices
  • bearings
  • couplings
  • gears and gear boxes
  • conveyer belts and drives
  • pumps and compressors
  • flat roof leak detection
  • fans and motors

Services for utilities:

  • transmission lines
  • distribution lines
  • cable splices
  • insulators and lightning arresters
  • transformers
  • capacitor banks
  • disconnects and switches
  • meters and controls connections
  • substations
  • fans and motors

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