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Compressed Air Leak Detection Program

If your facility uses compressed air, chances are that it consumes a large portion of your energy budget. That means that there is a large opportunity to save energy and increase productivity by reducing air leaks in the system. The problem is detecting where the air is leaking to make the necessary repairs. That’s where Columbia Water & Light’s ultrasonic leak detecting equipment can help commercial electric customers with this FREE service.

Interested in this program? Send us an e-mail at or call 573-874-7325.

How much does an air leak cost?

An air leak on a 100 psi compressed air system coming from a 1/64-inch hole will be losing about 0.45 cfm at a cost of $0.13 per day or $48.00 per year. A leak that small is almost impossible to hear without special equipment. A 3/32-inch leak on that same compressed air system will be losing 14.50 cfm at a cost of $4.59 per day or $1,675.00 per year. To avoid these costly wastes, contact Columbia Water & Light to set up an ongoing maintenance for your compressed air system.


  • Reliable and predictable production is ensured
  • Small leaks can be caught before they grow
  • Purchase of additional air compressors avoided
  • System pressure maintained
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved safety for workers

What are the problems associated with leaks?

  • Drops in system pressure
  • Air tools function less efficiently
  • Decreased system equipment and compressor longevity
  • Additional maintenance
  • Adds unnecessary compressor capacity

Where could you have leaks in pressure and vacuum systems?

  • Compressed air storage
  • Compressed air distribution system
  • Compressor valves
  • Heat exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Steam traps

How does the leak detection system work?

The hum of operating machinery is at a frequency that humans can hear. The ultrasonic leak detector can distinguish the high frequency, short sound waves created by leaks that are beyond our range of hearing. Columbia Water & Light’s equipment brings to your facility the latest in state of the art equipment to easily pin point compressed air leaks. We’ll visit your facility and provide with you a detailed report of leaks for your maintenance crew to fix. This saves you money on your electric bill, extends the life of your equipment and can even bring your production levels up.

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