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Energy Efficiency Programs

See which of our programs can help you meet your energy efficiency and renewable goals!

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps -Rebates for Water & Light approved new HVAC systems and system replacement

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate – Water & Light launched a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Rebate Program in April of 2017 for installing new and replacing existing systems. A $300 per ton rebate is available to those who qualify, Commercial (GSHP) systems must be less than 50 tons.

Solar Energy Systems

Net metering for PV systems – Interconnection and Net metering for qualifying PV systems

PV installation -Tax credits, rebates and low-interest loans for new PB installations

Water Heaters – Rebates and low-interest loans for new solar water heaters

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Loan – Low-interest loans for energy efficiency upgrades including: energy efficiency assessments, air conditioners, heat pumps, Natural Gas Furnace (with Air conditioner or heat pump), lighting, solar water heaters and solar energy systems


Lighting Incentive Program -The Lighting Incentive program has provided the utility with more energy savings than any other program. Rebates for saved kW as a result of lighting efficiency upgrades. See energy efficiency upgrades for low-interest loans for lighting efficiency upgrades.

Motors and Drives

Motors and Drives Program – Provides an alternative to the purchase of wholesale electric power by purchasing efficiency from our customers. Columbia Water & Light is willing to “buy” motor and drive efficiency by paying customers a rebate.

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