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Commercial Programs

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Water Heater and Rebate Loans

Compressed Air Leak Detection

If your facility uses compressed air, chances are that it consumes a large portion of your energy budget. That means that there is a large opportunity to save energy and increase productivity by reducing air leaks in the system.

Custom Rebate Program

Columbia Water & Light’s custom incentive program looks at the overall load reduction of a total project and requires a minimum of 30% increase in total energy efficiency. The amount of the rebate is $300 per kW reduced, up to 50% of the project cost. Projects must have a minimum reduction of 1 kW and rebates will be offered up to a maximum of 75 kW of load reduction for a maximum rebate of $22,500.

Energy Audit

Energy Audits are available for all customers. Sign up now by calling 573-874-7325 or try our online energy audit Form

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Low-interest loans of energy efficiency upgrades including: energy efficiency assessments, air conditioners, heat pumps, Natural Gas Furnace (with air conditioner or heat pump), lighting, solar

Infrared Inspections

The primary purpose for Columbia Water and Light’s Infrared Thermographic Inspection program is to reduce the number of costly, unscheduled shutdowns that could occur, and to prevent damage by detecting equipment failure in its early stages.

Lighting Incentive Program

Join Columbia Water & Light’s efforts to reduce our electric costs by being paid to increase your lighting efficiency!

Motors and Drives Rebate

Provides an alternative to the purchase of wholesale electric power by purchasing efficiency from our customers.  Columbia Water & Light is willing to “buy” motor and drive efficiency by paying customers a rebate. Sign Up

Tree Power

energy conservation through energy-efficient landscaping.  Sign Up






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