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Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency

Jackson Huen Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency logo artworkOur goal was two-fold with the Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency (CYTE) program: teach middle school students about energy efficiency so they can use that information for the rest of their lives, and use their creativity to add freshness to our marketing. We are thrilled with the results!

picture of the award presented to the "education Inspiring efficiency Award" winner in 2016

Columbia Water & Light would like to thank all the participants in the 2015 Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency marketing contest. The creativity of the students was recognized by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s with the Inspiring Efficiency Education Award.


2017- 2018 CYTE winners

Visual Category

Judges looked for creativity, accuracy, and an effective call to action. Top entries were also drawn well and legible.


Olivia Rollison, Gentry, Trower, 6th

Elizabeth Edgington Dorman, Smithton, Kirkpatrick, 6th
Hailey Newton, Gentry, Trower, 6th
Addison Spiller, Gentry, Trower, 7th

HAIKU CATEGORY:Entries must adhere to the haiku structure. Judges looked for good imagery and word choice, not just correct number of syllables. Also looking for a poem, not a sentence.
Kyla Hickcox, Gentry, Trower, 7thJudges say: Love the last line—good tie between insulation and caring for your home.No sweater weatherInsulation is betterYour home’s love letter

Catherine Fajen, West, Barnhouse, 6thJudges say: Love the declarative last line and the extinction simile.Air conditioners,Mine is like a dinosaurI will replace it

Cassidy Kline, Smithton, Kirkpatrick, 6thJudges say: Refreshing point of view!If you replace doorsYour windows will have envySo replace them both!
Zachary Coughenour, Gentry, Trower, 7thJudges say: Super creative word choice emphasized by the sound repetition between “tarnation” and “insulation.” Takes advantage of “temperatures” being able to be pronounced as either 3 or 4 syllables. Made us laugh!What in tarnation?!Temperatures are crazy!Need Insulation!


Congratulations students and thank you for your hard work!

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