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How much will it cost?

How much will it cost?

The cost of your PV system will depend on the size, efficiency, and complexity of the system and its components. You should consult with an approved Water & Light Solar PV installation contractor for more accurate cost and rebate estimates.

How big? – In one year in Missouri, 1 kW of solar panels will offset about 1,300 kWh of electricity use. From your annual electric usage (kWh) you can determine how much you want to offset with solar PV. You can offset up to 100% of your average usage.

What might it cost? – In 2016, the average cost, not including rebates or other incentives, to install 1kW of solar PV in Columbia was $3,250.

What about incentives? – Until 2020, the Federal government will provide a tax credit for 30% of your costs associated with solar PV. Additionally, Columbia Water & Light provides rebates for PV systems. A qualifying system under 10 kW would be eligible for rebates between $375 – $625 per kW. We also provide PV system loans up to $15,000 for residential and $30,000 for commercial.

What is my home’s solar potential? – Call one of our solar contractors for an evaluation.

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